Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

For U.S. orders: Most orders will be shipped within 1 - 2 business days (excluding pre-sale/backorders, and cases needing embossing or engraving services).

For international orders: International orders are usually processed and shipped within 1 - 3 days (same exclusions as U.S. orders).

Pre-sale items: During major device releases, lead times may be extended beyond our control. We appreciate your patience, and Sena® Cases will ship your order as soon as possible.

The shipment cut off time for Fed Ex 1 and 2 Day shipment methods is 2pm (11am on Fridays) PST. Embossing services may delay same day shipping regardless of the method chosen.

Need help deciding on a product to purchase?

Our customer service team is here to help. They have many combined years of product knowledge, and would love to help you find the right product for your needs. They can be contacted at 714-575-7461 or 888-736-2872 (dial 2 at the prompt) from 7am to 4pm PST Monday through Friday. You can always email us at

If Sena® does not make a case model for my device, is there a case you carry that is close enough that I can purchase?

Most of our products are designed specifically for the exact device it is to fit over. We do not endorse using a case model not specifically made for the device you own. You are free to purchase an alternate model product, but we cannot warranty the product should it be stretched or damaged from use with a device it was not meant for. If you purchase the item, and it does not fit as you desire, you can call us for a return authorization minus shipping charges. The item must be in unharmed and showroom condition.

What does the pre-sale mean on an item I would like to order?

A pre-sale item is a brand new product arriving at a later date for the first time. Any item we carry that qualifies as a pre-sale is marked as such. We include the estimated shipping window for the items release as well. Sena® Cases offers a pre-sale discount price reflected when the item is added to the shopping cart. Product ETA information is subject to change at any time, and may be delayed beyond what is shown on our website. The order will be shipped out as soon as we have stocked the item for the first time. We process pre-sale orders on a first come, first serve basis.

How does the removable belt clip system work?

All of our removable belt clips have an integrated spring-loaded release button. When pressed, this button will allow your case to be released from the belt clip. Please note: on the ultra belt clip versions, the case must be positioned perpendicular to the belt clip in order for it to be released from the belt clip. This is not required for the removable belt clip tab (with ballistic ratcheting belt clip) or removable ratcheting metal belt clip system (selected cases). Please know that the ratcheting belt clip on all Elega cases is integrated and not removable, although it does ratchet 360 degrees.

The unique design of the removable belt clip system offers an option to use your case with or without the belt clip. It also provides both free-motion and ratcheting settings.

Installing the ratcheting belt clip:

  1. First locate the plastic bag, which includes the round metal peg, screw and hex key.
  2. Locate the rectangular base plate on the back of your case.
  3. Line up the recessed rectangular area of the peg to fit over the rectangular protruding area of the mounting base plate. Ratcheting teeth should face away from the case.
  4. Insert the screw into the peg and securely tighten the screw through the peg onto the mounting base plate using your hex key.
  5. Slide the peg (with case) into the black belt clip. Click it in once for a free-moving rotation setting. Click it in twice for a ratcheting rotation setting. To remove the peg from the belt clip, push the tab on top of the black clip for easy release with one hand. You can remove the peg by unscrewing it with the hex key. Important: Please make sure you torque or further tighten the screw during the break-in period (3 to 7 days after installation). Failure to do so may result in the screw becoming loose and your device falling to the ground. Periodically check to be sure that the screw is tight throughout the lifespan of the belt clip.

How do I remove my device from the UltraSlim Pouch?

  1. While your device is in the UltraSlim Pouch, hold the edges of your device over the pouch with your thumb and fingers of one hand.
  2. With your free hand, place your thumb at the base of the device and gently push the device upward while bending the bottom of the pouch upward.
  3. Once your device is halfway removed from the pouch, pull the device from the top uncovered portion. The UltraSlim Pouch will bounce back to its original shape.

Are there any care suggestions for my Sena® case?

Certain finishes (including our Heritage and Burnished collection) should not be treated with a liquid based cleaning or conditioning product. Please contact our Customer Service department at with any questions prior to cleaning your case. Improper cleaning of a Sena Case could void its warranty.

All leather requires care and attention in order to extend its lifetime use and functionality. Please see our leather care suggestions below.

TO CARE: Keep your leather case out of direct sunlight or heat. Any unnatural application of heat may damage your case, causing it to dry and crack. Allow your leather case to breathe. Please cover in a breathable cloth (such as cotton) when stored or not in use. Do not use an airtight case such as a plastic bag. If case becomes wet, apply firm pressure with towel or other absorbent material. DO NOT RUB. Let leather dry in room temperature. Do not attempt to quicken the process by applying heat. Apply a conditioner sparingly if so desired after completely drying the case.

TO CLEAN: Wipe down case with soft (100% cotton) cloth to remove excess dirt or dust. Make sure the case is dry. All leather products will deteriorate over time, as the natural fibers in the leather break down. Extending the lifetime of the case requires care and cleaning. Conditioners are also a method of treatment, but use as little product as possible. We do not recommend leather cleaning products on white or similarly light toned case finishes. Simple cleaning with a dry, soft clean cloth every week will provide longer-lasting use of your leather case.

The fit on my Sena® case is too tight.

Every Sena® case is individually handcrafted from the finest quality full grain leather. Unless designed for additional coverage, our cases are form fit to each device it is made for. We design each case for the tightest fit. This ensures that as the case is used over time, it does not become too loose. Fine leather opens up and stretches over time, creating the ideal form and fit over the device itself. During the break-in period, the leather adjusts to both the device and the individual habits of the user. Gentle use and massaging of the leather will help ease in the break in period.

How do I use the camera feature with the Hampton Flip?

  1. Make sure to open the snap closure flap and fold back behind the case.
  2. While your device is in the Sena® case, pull on the tab marked with the camera icon.
  3. Take the picture while holding protective front flap down.
  4. After taking the picture, pull the protective front flap back up and re-insert the camera icon tab.

How do I apply my device with Magia tape?

  1. Magia Tape adhesive securely holds your device in place and remains sticky through multiple adhesions and removals of device.
  2. If at any point, the Magia Tape exhibits a loss of its previous adhesive properties, gently wipe the Magia Tape area with a water based wet wipe.
  3. Remove plastic cover before applying the device.
  4. Align the device camera to camera opening.

What is the "break-in" period for Sena® leather?

  1. Every Sena® case is made with genuine leather, specially tailored to fit snugly during the first few days of use.
  2. This approach allows for adjustment to both the device and the way you use it.
  3. Regular and careful use helps ease the break-in period.
  4. Genuine leather develops patina over time, a natural variation in both color and texture that is expected to show with regular use and different owner's habits.

How do I setup the Bluetooth Keyboard in the Keyboard Folio?

  1. Push the power button to “ON”, and hold down the “PAIRING” button.The blue light will flash when the keyboard is in pairing mode.
  2. On your iPad / iPhone, select “Settings,” then select “Bluetooth.”
  3. Turn “Bluetooth” on, it will start searching for Bluetooth devices.
  4. Once your device finds the list of nearby devices click on “SENA Bluetooth Keyboard.”
  5. The keyboard is now connected.

Why am I being charged Ground shipping for an item with an original price over $49.99?

Our free USA Ground shipping promotion is for any item (s) with a final value of $50.00 or more. If a coupon code is applied to the purchase which reduces the item total under our $50.00 minimum, free shipping would not apply to the order.