• Learn About Our Wallet Style Cases
    Kristine Singson Aug 12, 2019

    Learn About Our Wallet Style Cases

    Sena Cases is a known industry leader in leather crafted device accessories. With many years of experience, the brand has cultivated a rich history in dressing your personal tech with top quality imported leather. With the brand's tenure in designing cases to perfectly conform to your Apple or Samsung products, we have mastered the design aspect, making your Sena Case a seamless fit to your electronics.Sena Cases is proud to...


  • Our Travel Tech Essentials
    Riana Aranki Jul 08, 2019

    Our Travel Tech Essentials

    It’s not where you’re going — it’s how you get there. If you’re planning on hitting the road, packing the right travel tech essentials naturally enhances your journey. Your tech gear can also be quite useful when you arrive at your destination. Whether you’re jet-setting across the globe or spending the weekend at a local B&B, how you pack will greatly affect how much you enjoy your trip.  1. A...


  • Let's Talk About The Deen Collection
    Kristine Singson Jun 19, 2019

    Let's Talk About The Deen Collection

    Choose a Sophisticated Leather Wallet Case When you’re looking for the best leather goods, you will be able to find what you need from Sena Cases. If you need a gift, leather wallet case, or any other high-end leather goods for yourself, Sena Cases has the perfect products. High Quality from Sena Cases When you shop Sena Cases, you’ll always get high-quality. Our leather goods are crafted at the highest quality and give...


  • Our top picks for Father's Day Gifts for 2019
    Linda Nguyen May 28, 2019

    Our top picks for Father's Day Gifts for 2019

    Father's Day is around the block and it's never too early to start thinking about a gift your dad is going to love. There are a lot of great gifts you can get Dad but have you considered getting your dad a gift from Sena Cases? Our products are  made from a premium full-grain leather that’s designed to last and develop a patina as unique as him. We've rounded up...


  • Future Folio vs Vettra iPad Case
    Linda Nguyen May 17, 2019

    Future Folio vs Vettra iPad Case

    We have been in the business of making leather accessories for almost twenty years. So you could say we know something about designing cases for iPads. Our two best-selling iPad styles are the Future Folio leather iPad case and the Vettra leather iPad Case. You may be wondering what's the difference between these two styles? Watch the video below to find out.  The Future Folio iPad case offers two angles:...