Stories that Stand the Test of Time
Aug 27, 2018

10 Books to Read in Your Lifetime 

For a long time, riveting plotlines and loveable characters have given us a connection to other worlds, times, and peopleBut there are some stories that truly stand the test of time. 

These are the 10 books you must read in your lifetime...  

Men Without Women –Ernest Hemingway 

In most literary circles, Hemingway is one of the greatest writers of all time. This book is a collection of stories introducing Hemingway's –there is more than meets the eye- style. In this collection, one will find captivating tales of bullfighting, infidelity, and death.  

On the Road –Jack Kerouac 

The story bases itself on Kerouac's travels across the United States with his friend. In this story, he details a life after the Beat and Counterculture generations, and a society consumed with the popularity of jazz, poetry, and drugs.  

The Watchmen –Alan Moore 

Who says comic books are only for children and teens? In The Watchmen, Moore reflects on modern-day anxieties of the late 1960s and breaks all the rules when it comes to superhero stories in this must-read graphic novel. 

The Corrections –Jonathan Franzen 

The Corrections is a family drama centering around the Lamberts and their three adult children. As the family comes together for Christmas, they must face the issues of their father's deteriorating health, the crippling desires of each family member, and the economic troubles of the decade.   

Open City –Teju Cole 

Cole tells the tale of a Nigerian immigrant, Julius, studying in NYC. During his studies, Julius finds himself exploring the city at great lengths and meeting a variety of people through his last year as a psychiatric fellow. 

The Painted Word –Tom Wolfe 

Do you love modern art? This book is for you. (Even if you despise modern art, you will most likely love this book as well.) Wolfe takes you through an enlightening and humorous journey through the world of modern art.  

Americanah –Chimemanda Ngozi Adichie 

Americanah tells the story of a young Nigerian woman leaving Nigeria to attend university in the U.S. During her Princeton fellowship and her job as a blogger, she finds love. However, she never stops thinking of her high school boyfriend back home. When they meet in Lagos 15 years later, everything is different.  

Between the World and Me –Ta-Nehisi Coates 

Coates writes this novel as a letter to his son. In this piece, he tackles the sensitive subject of growing into adolescence and its many growing responsibilities.  

Tiny Beautiful Things –Cheryl Strayed 

Rich with intellect, humor, and honesty–this book is filled with great advice surrounding some basic but essential life skills. While the book serves as a reminder for the uncertainty that life brings, it still effectively brings hints of purpose and enlightenment for many aspects of life. 

White Teeth –Zadie Smith 

White Teeth follows two war buddies, Archie Jones and Samad Iqbal, as they face cultural and societal struggles within their families and their country. Smith brings to the table a story of finding one's identity, letting go of insecurities, and the slow acceptance of adulthood.  

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