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18 Aug , 2020

At SENA Cases, we strive to stay up to date on the newest Apple releases to innovate and renovate our line of premium protective tablet and phone cases. Every new product from Apple means our designers are hard at work developing a unique case to match its specifications.

What are we anticipating for the Apple iPhone 12 reveal? Browse our expectations to prepare yourself for the biggest changes in high-end personal technology.

New Phone Models

Rumors suggest that we can expect the newest model iPhone to be available in four different configurations with three new sizes. New iPhone rumors suggest the release date will be in early October. Speculation and leaks show that two of the configurations measure in at 6.1” tall, and one each that are 5.4” tall and 6.7” tall. When compared to the phone releases from previous years, the iPhone X and the iPhone 11 Pro Max measure in at 5.8” tall and 6.5” tall, respectively.


Since none of the new configurations have official names yet, there is a lot of speculation about what they’ll be called. Rumors say that you can expect to have a choice between:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

Each has slightly varying specifications to help you choose the ideal model for your lifestyle and price point. While Apple still makes most of its revenue from iPhone sales, revenue from services like Apple Care is catching up. This has led to Apple feeling more comfortable offering iPhones at a variety of price points because the more iPhones they sell, the more potential revenue they can gain from services. The cheapest model is predicted to cost $649, with the most expensive model being $1,399.

iPhone 12

As the smallest model Apple has released since the iPhone SE, the iPhone 12 is rumored to measure 5.4” tall. A dual-lens camera would make it the most affordable model out of all four. You can still expect top quality from this configuration though, as it may have 5G connectivity and OLED displays.

iPhone 12 Max

The Apple iPhone 12 Max could be slightly larger than the iPhone X, but still smaller than the 11 Pro Max at 6.1” tall. It may have the dual-lens camera, OLED displays, and 5G connectivity on a larger frame than the iPhone 12.


iPhone 12 Pro

 As part of the Pro-Series, the iPhone 12 Pro could be more than just larger than the basic configuration with a a triple-lens rear camera as well as 120 Hz refresh rate and a LiDAR sensor. The LiDAR sensor is said to offer newer, more unique VR/AR experiences and enables 3D sensing.


iPhone 12 Pro Max

 The biggest of the 12-series configurations would be Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max at 6.7” tall with all the best features from the Pro-Series. Better camera capabilities, double the refresh rate of most other phones, and more powerful augmented reality experiences are all expected to be part of the package.


iPad Air 2020

The latest iPad Air’s release date is still up for debate. Originally predicted for a Fall 2020 release, it is now speculated that we can look forward to the iPad Air 4 in Spring 2021. It is predicted to have a 10.8-inch screen and features that will put it on-par with the 11-inch iPad Pro at an iPad Air price.

What's New & Different in 2020?

Old to new iphones

 There are a few new things that Apple is said to be doing with the iPhone 12 release, as well as a couple of throwbacks to remind us of their best models from the past.


Color Choices

 iPhones are usually offered in a variety of colors, but they can shift from year to year if a color or two fail to perform. The iPhone 12 is rumored to follow the iPhone 11 for color choices, with purple and green the most likely colors that could be dropped from the lineup. For the iPhone 12 Pro, navy blue is predicted to replace midnight green from the iPhone 11 Pro.


Streamlined Design

You can expect a square edge metal frame that’s reminiscent of the old iPhone 4 or the iPad Pro. A slimmer notch is also a possibility, and there is even speculation that the sides of the phone will be flatter and that the SIM tray may be moved to rest beneath the volume control buttons. There are even rumors surrounding color options that include Navy Blue and some bright, fun additions (all of which pair beautifully with SENA signature Cognac colored sleeves). You shouldn’t be looking in the box for a power adapter or EarPods with any of the iPhone 12 models, as Apple is likely to be trying to cut down on production costs. The phones will probably come with the standard USB-C to lightning cable only.


Upgraded Materials

 You might also see a change in the preferred materials in these phones. While the non-Pro configurations are rumored to be constructed with aluminum, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro-Series may be made from stainless steel. Aluminum has been the gold standard for many phone chassis — from Google to Samsung. Recently, there has been a movement towards glass and plastic chassis, but nobody has ventured towards stainless steel other than Samsung’s Galaxy S20.


Better Screens

 All of the new configurations should come with an OLED display standard. There are a few phones on the market with Organic Light Emitting Diodes, but it is a more expensive feature than LCD. OLED screens are more efficient, thinner, brighter, and have better refresh rates and contrast. These screens also emit light and don’t need a backlight which can make a phone bulkier. Screens are also predicted to have slightly thinner bezels and a smaller notch than the iPhone 11.


Faster Connectivity

While they weren’t the first to offer 5G connectivity, Apple would still be ahead of most other manufacturers in terms of offering a faster network. Older devices simply don’t have the capability to connect to 5G.


Launch & Release

Apple IPhone 12 Rumors Roundup: New IPhones For 2020

In the past, Apple released new phones in September, but they may be pushing back the release date for the first time since 2011. The newest iPhone rumors suggest a launch event in September, with the release happening in October. There is a slight possibility the non-Pro models may be available earlier because their design is slightly less complex to manufacture.

Which Apple iPhone 12 configuration will you choose? Once you decide, make sure you provide your tech with top-quality protection when you shop for cases at SENA Cases.

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