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22 Aug , 2022

What are the experts saying about the new iPhone 14?

Apple’s Fall announcement is an exciting time for us here at SENA. We’re keeping up with the rumors swirling around the iPhone 14 series and have combined all you need to know into one quick read.

What’s New For 2022?

Device Size

CNET indicates that Apple might offer “four models, a ‘high-end’ and a ‘lower-end,’ with two size options for each.

What about the “mini” size? 9to5Mac suggested in March 2022 that Apple would discontinue the 5.4-inch form-factor. Based on a note from Nikkei Asia, the “smaller screen failed to catch on with customers.”

Naming Convention

CNET speculates that the naming will shift only slightly, “with ‘Pro’ designating higher-end specs and ‘Max’ referring to the larger screen size.” The suggested naming convention could be iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Forbes says the iPhone 14 Max could potentially be called the iPhone 14 Plus based on previous branding for the larger phone sizes.


Tom’s Guide anticipates that Apple might continue to offer black, white, blue and red for the lower-end models as they do for iPhone 13. MacRumors suggests that “Apple is expected to introduce new color options, perhaps adding a purple shade,” joining the usual silver, gold, and graphite options.


An iPhone’s camera is among its top distinguishing features that strongly influences the typical Apple customer’s purchase decision. MacRumors anticipates that “there will be improvements to the Ultra-Wide camera, and there's a possibility that Apple will introduce a ‘periscope’ zoom lens that allows for much greater optical zoom, but it's still not yet clear if this will come in 2022 or 2023.”

The Pro models’ front camera may also receive an update. MacRumors goes on to suggest that “the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to eliminate the notch in favor of a new design.”

Rumor has it that the high-end and lower-end models will be further distinguished by screen type. Sources for The Elec say, “Samsung Display will be supplying OLED panels for all four models of the iPhone 14 series; rival LG Display will be supplying for two models.”

A brand-new feature is anticipated to launch with iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. 9to5Mac says “Always-on technology allows the system to show some information on the screen while consuming very little battery power.” Forbes quotes them further describing this feature, “Basically, it seems that Apple will replicate the same effect from the Apple Watch on the iPhone 14 Pro. This means that users will still see their wallpapers in some way even when the screen is turned off. The wallpaper will be displayed at full brightness once the user taps the screen or presses the Power button.” The “new variable refresh rate OLED panel that ranges from 120Hz to 1Hz” could enable this always-on feature.


According to Forbes, “iPhone 14 Pro models are also tipped to gain much faster charging. Achieving a 50% charge in approximately 15 minutes (half the time of its predecessor) and lasting over two hours longer than the iPhone 13 Pro.”

It is still undetermined whether the new iPhone 14 models will continue to use Lightning Cable or USB-C ports for charging, but this article from Forbes regarding next year’s release says Apple may distinguish high-end and lower-end models in this way.

Potential Release Date And Price

Predicted Announcement & Release Dates

According to CNET’s Labor Day hypothesis, it “would put the September Apple event (and unveiling of the iPhone 14) on Sept. 7, with a Sept. 16 release date.” However, iDropNews says that “Apple has something planned internally for ‘Week 37’” which could indicate a Sept. 13 announcement date.

Predicted Phone Pricing

“The iPhone 14 Plus/Max will be less than $1,000, being the perfect option for those who want a bigger iPhone but without the need for paying the “Pro” price that starts from $1,099,” according to 9to5Mac.

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