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20 Oct , 2018

Creating a culture of innovation can make any workspace inspirational. We spend so much of our lives at work, why not ensure you feel the most inspired while you’re there! Inspiration in the workspace comes from the environment, the people, and often the technology that you’re using every day.  

Often, we find inspiration in color and texture. Some of the best workspaces thrive on bright colors to help employees imagine endless possibilities for product innovations and problem-solving.  

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Bring a little inspiration of your own with one of our new Future Folio Leather Cases for iPad Pro 10.5

Enliven your cubicle with a pop of color with our metallic UltraSlim Classic Leather Sleeve for iPhone 8, 7 or the classy two-toned Corsa II Z Leather Snap On Case and Arri Snap On Leather Wallet.

New Technology
Offices that incorporate the latest technology incentivize employees to think outside the box. Everyone loves having new technology to work with while trying to accomplish their tasks at work. Having the latest and greatest software and hardware inspires teams all over the world. Simple equipment like standup desks, large screens, and free snack bars help teams come together to innovate and problem solve.

If you’re like us, you’re keen on all the latest happenings around Apple products. You like to have all the extras. SENA has taken extra time to create items that would best fit your needs. For example, take a look at our Leather Wrapped Pencil Stand.

Leather Wrapped Pencil Stand for Apple Pencil | SENA Cases Leather Wrapped Pencil Stand for Apple Pencil | SENA Cases Leather Wrapped Pencil Stand for Apple Pencil | SENA Cases

This iPad accessory has been uniquely designed to make your life easier. The European tumbled leather stand is polished off with gunmetal trim, and notches so your pen won't roll away! It also quickly charges your pen to keep you productive all day long. Check out more accessories SENA has made with you in mind here.

Shared Values
Teams who have shared values work well together to create new products that can change the world. Many of the most successful companies in the world cultivate workspaces to inspire dreams, not tasks to be done. When teams work together on shared goals and ambitions, we all come one step closer to progress.  

Whether you are bringing your new technology to work, like a new iPhone XS Max, or you’re toting your trusty iPhone 7, SENA is there to make sure you’re feeling genuinely inspired to go to work each day. Check out our latest cases to cover your tech in style.

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Do you have a workspace tip to inspire others? Share it with us on social media!  

Are you loving your SENA Case right now? Enhance your SENA experience with one of our exclusive wallpapers. Get the latest SENA Wallpaper here.

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