May 29, 2018

Care Instructions for Keeping your Leather Accessories Looking Great

We often think of leather as "tough as nails", but don't forget it is in fact skin. 

Much like our own skin, leather can dry, crack, stain, warp, and effectively wear over time.  

As a result, our leather goods require thoughtful care and attention in order to maintain the same look as when they were originally purchased.  

Let's explore some commonly recommended leather treatments: 


Conditioners & Creams 

Great for preventing your leather from drying out and cracking, not great for adding a shine.   

A leather hide absorbs conditioner in the same way your skin soaks up a moisturizer when applied, however your skin requires more frequent maintenance.  Depending on the climate where you live and your desired look, using a conditioner or cream on your leather every 3-6 months is typically suggested - longer if you like the look of scruffs and character. 


Do you want your leather to shine? You may not, which is why polishing your leather is truly optional and should only be used for a specific desired aesthetic, like that of a nice pair of dress shoes. 

Though many polishes require a good cleaning prior to application (almost never a bad idea), they often also offer a moisturizing element which can go a long way in keeping your leather healthy and long-lasting. 


Though controversial in many circles, some material experts lean in the way of applying a wax or waterproofing spray to your leather, about once per year. Be wary though, non-advocates say that this type of treatment can change the texture, color, and shine of the leath 

Damp Cloth Wipe Down 

If nothing else, for many types of leather, taking a damp cloth – void of soaps, chemicals, conditioners, etc – to your leather every few weeks can be the best treatmenfor it.

This treatment works well on the following SENA products:

Dirt, dust, and whatever else you encounter on a daily basis, is often the biggest reason why your leather products will lose their initial zeal. Though a simple wipe-down can go a long way to keep many leather goods in prime condition, for some types of leather, like the kind used for our SENA mens leather collection, a wipe down may actually darken the leather, so use caution.

Important Note: SENA products that are not listed above do not require additional cleaning agents, etc. Our cases are designed with hand selected leathers that naturally age with continued use. In other words: the more you use it, the better looking it gets!


  • Regardless of the type of leather good, there are some general best practices and tips to keep in mind for your leather products...  
  • Prevent leather products from getting wet.  If or when they do, make sure they have had enough time to air dry before storing them away. 
  • When storing leather goods, keep away from sunlight. 
  • Keep leather products away from damp areas, which promotes mildew. 
  • Store them in a place that is cool and low in humidity. 
  • Avoid using and storing them near chemicals, solvents and paints. 
  • When transporting leather, remember that it needs to breathe so avoid plastic bags and choose a breathable material for transportation. 
  • If applying a treatment to your leather, test it first on a small area to ensure it has the desired effect to avoid unwanted discoloration or reaction. 

Leather can be high maintenance, but is almost always worth the hassle. 

Leather goods and accessories, like iPhone Cases or Personalized Leather Gifts can add an element of luxury, sophistication, and durability that few other materials can offer. 

To ensure that the investment is worthwhile, consider these leather care tips for lasting quality and luxury. 

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