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25 Jul , 2018

Duro Flex and Drop Safe Rugged Shells | SENA Cases

Our new Drop Safe technology stays true to our dedication to functionality, design, and handcrafted leather. We offer two levels to meet your needs of protection.†

Duro Flex Shells | SENA Cases

Duro Flex Shells | SENA Cases

Level 1: DuroFlex

Drop Safe DuroFlex is for the minimalist. Its flexible shell gives just enough protection for a slim design that absorbs and disperses impact shock.

Duro Flex Shells | SENA Cases

Feels like you’re holding just the phone.

DuroFlex cases manage to protect your phone as much as leading protective cases without weighing it down or adding thickness, and sports some great style to boot.

Drop Safe Rugged Shells | SENA Cases
Lugano Wallet (Front) after multiple drops and regular use.

Level 2: Rugged

Drop Safe Rugged features a ThermoPlastic rubber core between the phone and our polycarbonate shell along with reinforced corners and ridges for maximum protection.

Drop Safe Rugged Shell Inside | SENA Cases

Breaking the fall, not the phone

Our Drop Safe Rugged cases have reinforced corners and interior ridges. This evenly distributes shock caused by a drop or bump to protect the device from dents and splitting. Which means when your phone falls, you can expect the screen (and the phone) to be intact.

Drop Safe Rugged Case Being Dropped| SENA Cases

Screen test

Drop Safe Technology passes with flying colors. Its TPU frame and raised front lip helps prevent a  shattered display upon common drops from up to four feet above the ground.

Drop Safe Technology. Raised bezel, protects screen.

Lay it down

The raised bezel also lets you keep your phone face down without having to worry about scratching the screen.

†Sena Cases does not warrant and is not responsible for, any smartphone or other device made by anyone. In no event shall Sena or its suppliers be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising out of the use of the product, including, without limitation, property damage, loss of value of the product or any third party products that are used in or with the product, or loss of use of the product or any third party products that are used in or with the product, even if Sena has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Sena has no liability for any damage or destruction to consumer electronics devices or other personal property that are in or connected to these products.

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