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21 Oct , 2019

When you purchase a new iPhone, you’ll receive all the essential iPhone accessories in the box except for one — a case. If you’re going to invest in an upscale phone, it simply makes sense that you would want to protect it from drops and dings, not to mention daily wear and tear. This is where SENA Cases comes in. We dress your super-expensive smartphone with a genuine leather case that looks just as expensive -- but for a fraction of the price.

Read on to discover what you get in the box, as well as advice on how to upgrade your experience with a gorgeous leather case.

What Comes in the Box

So you decided to order an iPhone. Congratulations on your purchase. Here’s what comes standard:

  • iPhone
  • Lightning USB cable
  • Standard 5W USB charger
  • EarPod wired headphones
  • Headphone adapter (lightning to 3.5mm)
  • Setup guide and warranty manual with two Apple stickers

Why You Need a Case

The standard iPhone accessories in the box will get you up and running, but if you’re going to spend $999 on a phone, you want to be confident that it’s going to last. It only takes one accidental drop to cause irreparable damage. Beyond preventing damage from drops, phones naturally wear out over time if they’re not protected. Keep your phone looking like new with a case.

Premium Case Options

After you unpack the iPhone accessories in the box, you’re going to realize how important a case really is. After all, even cutting-edge technology is still susceptible to damage. We’re proud to offer the world’s finest cases crafted from supple yet durable full-grain leather. We design all of our cases with specific phones in mind, so you’re getting a custom-tailored case that really brings out the best in your iPhone.         

Innovative Designs

Far from your typical sleeve or case, our products offer smart and multi-functional designs. Whether you’re looking for a microsuede lining to prevent scratches, waterproof protection, or something shock-absorbent, we have something for you.

Choose from larger sized cases to fit the iPhone accessories in the box or opt for a minimal sleeve case for basic protection. We offer a huge variety of cases with zippers, wrist straps, belt clips, and slots for your cards. Some of our cases are heavily padded while others are sleek and simple. Whatever you need, SENA cases has a hand-crafted case ready for you.

Place Your Order Today

Our cases fit your lifestyle. They also make wonderful gifts for a special person in your life. For assistance with your order, please call 1-888-736-2872 or email us at The iPhone accessories in the box will get your phone running, but they won’t protect it. Safeguard your investment with a stylish case that you can feel proud to own.    

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