Apple Rumor Mill
Aug 21, 2018

New Apple iPhones and iPads Are Expected Next Month 

Apple enthusiasts everywhere want to know: is Apple releasing new iPhones this fall? 

We’re following the rumors as well so we can have new leather iPhone cases ready as soon as you submit your pre-order for your new Apple iPhone. 

Here is what we’ve gathered so far... 

New 2018 iPhones 
MacRumors anticipates that Apple will release not one, but three new iPhones this fall.  Their rumored design stems from the existing iPhone X – a full touchscreen in varying sizes and materials. 

New 2018 iPads 
We’re anticipating another “first” for Apple during their fall announcement:  it is expected that they’re planning to also announce iPad Pro upgrades. 

MacWorld says, “It's been more than 14 months since the last Pro update.” 

We’re keeping a pulse on the rumors and making plans here at SENA Cases to have new leather cases ready for your new Apple devices. 

And if you’re not planning to splurge on one of the new iPhones or iPads launching next month, try upgrading the case on your current iPhone for a fresh look.  

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