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24 Apr , 2020

Where Does Our High-Quality Leather Come From?

At SENA Cases, we take great pride in the creation of our products. From the leather choice to the dyeing process, we strive to deliver the best quality protective options to our customers. To learn a little more about how our cases, bags, and wallets are made, explore where our Apple leather cases come from as well as the properties of each leather after it has been crafted into a luxury case.

Leather Hide Types

While high-quality leather can be made from a number of different animals, including pig, snake, and alligator, SENA Cases chooses to use only cow and lamb hides. We select full or partial hides, depending on the size of the product. Full cow hides measure an average of 46 sq. ft. and partial hides are available as small as 7 sq. ft. Each piece of natural hide is uniquely shaped and can determine the look and feel of the product.

Leather Thickness

When we receive our natural hides, they’re all different thicknesses. Our ideal thickness for Apple leather caseswallets, and purses ranges between 1-2 mm. Thicker leather than that can be used for belts and chair upholstery, while thinner leather is typically used for garments and apparel.

Treating the Leather

After choosing the type and size of our leather, there are a few treatment and dyeing processes it must go through to create the right tan and hue. Stay tuned for a future blog post detailing the process our Apple leather cases undergo.

Exploring SENA Cases Collections

Because we choose different treatment methods for each hide we receive, SENA Cases is able to create unique diversity in our collections. Explore our luxury leather phone cases in the exclusive collections below.

Heritage Collection


The Heritage collection is made with vegetable-tanned leather that has been tumbled to achieve its natural texture. As a result of this tumbling process, the leather becomes sensitive to markings. One of the properties of this leather is that scratches and scuffs naturally appear as you use your product.

brown leather cell phone case

After 10 weeks of use (above)

The Heritage collection pieces show signs of wear in a way that only natural leather does.


All of the leather used in the Heritage Collection matures by softening and growing darker due to the natural oils that transfer from your skin to the product. Over time, the leather also acquires scratches and scuffs as it is used.


Excessive exposure to moisture and sunlight can affect the color, quality, and feel of the leather. We recommend that you keep Heritage pieces away from bright sunlight, liquids, cleaners, and oils to allow the leather to age naturally.

Tumbled Leather


Our Tumbled leather is full grain cowhide, minimally treated to maintain its natural characteristics and markings. The tumbling process brings out its inherent grain and can range from a large grain texture to tiny pebbles. Some portions of the hide are smoother while others are more textured. All our Apple leather cases are individually cut and crafted using different parts of the hide, resulting in a unique texture and distinct look.

 rich brown leather


The properties of this leather ensures that it will soften and grow darker from wear and skin oils over time. Tumbled leather develops similarly to pieces from our Heritage Collection.


We recommend keeping a close eye on your Tumbled leather. These pieces are easily affected by sun, liquid, and even constant chafing from sitting in your bag or pocket. Allow it to age naturally, but avoid antagonizing the leather with improper treatment.

Burnished Leather


The products made from Burnished leather are made with full-grain, vegetable tanned leather that is finished for a smooth surface and sleek touch to the hand. In the final process, a light wax coating is applied to the leather, leaving a soft shine. Once manufactured, each product is then individually hand-burnished to achieve the desired characteristics of a two-tone finish and a worn-in look.

burnished brown leather

The pieces made from burnished leather also age naturally to show signs of use and wear. They age slightly more slowly than other collections due to the additional layers of protection we apply.


You can expect to break-in burnished leather within the first week of use. It will grow softer and darker during this time. As you continue to use our luxury leather phone cases, the hue will deepen an additional shade and develop scuffs and scratches. 


Keep these Apple leather cases and wallets away from bright sunlight and liquid, as these can intensify the aging process and damage the leather. Oils from your skin are the best way to change the nature of the leather, but be wary of holding these cases constantly because this too will modify the way the leather ages.

Leather From SENA Cases

At SENA Cases, every single one of our Apple leather cases is developed with the care and consideration you would expect. We deliver long-lasting pieces that look beautiful and age well over time. Shop all of our collections today to find the style that suits you.

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