• Learn About Our Wallet Style Cases
    Kristine Singson Aug 12, 2019

    Learn About Our Wallet Style Cases

    Sena Cases is a known industry leader in leather crafted device accessories. With many years of experience, the brand has cultivated a rich history in dressing your personal tech with top quality imported leather. With the brand's tenure in designing cases to perfectly conform to your Apple or Samsung products, we have mastered the design aspect, making your Sena Case a seamless fit to your electronics.Sena Cases is proud to...


  • Leather Lover Wallpaper | SENA Cases

    Leather Lover Wallpaper | SENA Cases

    Downloadable HD Wallpaper for your Phone, Tablet, Computer and Watch 2019 is here and another year has passed by so quickly. Who else felt 2018 flashed by? This year our focus is to improve your shopping experience by continuing to create quality products and make the user experience more friendly. As part of the shopping experience at SENA, we wanted to continue to offer wallpapers for all leather enthusiasts. The selection we chose...


  • Top 5 Black Bestsellers for 2018
    Linda Nguyen Nov 20, 2018

    Top 5 Black Bestsellers for 2018

    All of SENA’s products are made from the highest-quality luxury leather sourced from Europe. When we design new cases, we ensure black will always be one of the colors we carry for every product. As a luxury brand, black leather cases are a must-have. 


  • Product Inspiration
    Allison Moradi Nov 05, 2018

    Product Inspiration

    SENA’s Creative Director, Piuola Khodadadi, has worked in fashion and luxury goods for years. As a Parsons School of Design alumna, she has an excellent eye for design and a taste for quality leather goods. This week, we sat down with Piuola to get the latest scoop on her inspiration behind your favorite SENA products.  SENA's Inspiration What has been your favorite product you have designed for SENA and why? PK: Definitely the Ruku case—it was inspired by...


  • Apple Rumor Mill
    Alexis Djeredijian Aug 21, 2018

    Apple Rumor Mill

    New Apple iPhones and iPads Are Expected Next Month  Apple enthusiasts everywhere want to know: is Apple releasing new iPhones this fall?  We’re following the rumors as well so we can have new leather iPhone cases ready as soon as you submit your pre-order for your new Apple iPhone.  Here is what we’ve gathered so far...  New 2018 iPhones MacRumors anticipates that Apple will release not one, but three new iPhones this fall.  Their rumored design stems from the existing...