• Improve your Instagram Feed with Amazing Photos #ShotOniPhone
    Alexis Djeredijian Jul 30, 2018

    Improve your Instagram Feed with Amazing Photos #ShotOniPhone

    iPhone Photography Tips for Better Pictures You've probably seen the #shotoniphone billboards for a couple years now and thought, "Gosh, I want to take photos like that!"  With the technology of the iPhone - particularly the iPhone X - it's really not that hard. This could be you (standing next to a billboard with your photo on it)!  Let's jump into some ways to improve your pix...  Keep it Simple One interesting subject is really all you need. You don't need to...


  • It's All In The Detail
    Alexis Djeredijian Jul 23, 2018

    It's All In The Detail

    How SENA's Attention to Detail Will Surprise & Delight You  We at SENA Cases consider ourselves craftsmen who watch, listen, and adapt to trends and customers with the purpose of creating fashionable premium leather products that surprise and delight anyone who holds them.    Most customers are seeking highly-efficient function and utility for everyday life, but it's in the details where we exceed expectations.   Multi-Tasking Leather Accessories Why serve one purpose, when you can do many? Like...


  • App Round-Up – Top 10 Apps You Need to Download Right Now
    Alexis Djeredijian Jun 18, 2018

    App Round-Up – Top 10 Apps You Need to Download Right Now

    The Best Free Mobile Apps for iOS in 2018  You’re probably reading this post on your phone. Let’s face it, we’re on our phones a lot. You likely have your standard go-to apps that you frequently use including Mail, Facebook, Phone, and Camera.  Today we'll share the 10 mobile apps that you need to download ASAP.  Theses apps make your life easier, more fun, and more productive. These are some...


  • SENA Wallpaper | Add a Touch of Summer

    SENA Wallpaper | Add a Touch of Summer

    Downloadable HD Wallpaper for your Phone, Tablet, Computer, and Watch  It's finally June, which means the days are growing longer and the weather is becoming warmer. Summer will be in full swing in a couple of weeks and we're ready for it. The leather themes this month is inspired by the warmth of summer. The color tones we used are brighter, opposite of the darker tones we normally use.  Check it out below!  iPhone  iPhone X ...


  • Top 10 Gifts for Father's Day
    Alexis Djeredijian Jun 04, 2018

    Top 10 Gifts for Father's Day

    Top 10 Gifts to Get Dad for Father's Day Father's Day is June 17 and is a great way to show Pops just how much you appreciate him. No need to comb Pinterest for gift ideas for Dad though, we've got a list of 10 great gift ideas that are sure to impress him here...  Men's Grooming Gift Sets, Baxter of California – $18 - $295 Help dad look great year-round with a grooming gift...