• Learn About Our Wallet Style Cases
    Kristine Singson Aug 12, 2019

    Learn About Our Wallet Style Cases

    Sena Cases is a known industry leader in leather crafted device accessories. With many years of experience, the brand has cultivated a rich history in dressing your personal tech with top quality imported leather. With the brand's tenure in designing cases to perfectly conform to your Apple or Samsung products, we have mastered the design aspect, making your Sena Case a seamless fit to your electronics.Sena Cases is proud to...


  • It's All In The Detail
    Alexis Djeredijian Jul 23, 2018

    It's All In The Detail

    How SENA's Attention to Detail Will Surprise & Delight You  We at SENA Cases consider ourselves craftsmen who watch, listen, and adapt to trends and customers with the purpose of creating fashionable premium leather products that surprise and delight anyone who holds them.    Most customers are seeking highly-efficient function and utility for everyday life, but it's in the details where we exceed expectations.   Multi-Tasking Leather Accessories Why serve one purpose, when you can do many? Like...


  • Tips for Choosing the Right Smartphone Case
    Alexis Djeredijian Jun 25, 2018

    Tips for Choosing the Right Smartphone Case

    Shopping for Smartphone Cases & What Matters Most: Form, Fit, or Function You've likely invested hundreds, if not more, to have the best smartphone at your fingertips, but what happens when it slips and falls? Or perhaps worse, when your toddler gets their little paws on it and takes it for a swim?  If leering disaster is not reason enough, dressing your tech in style may be a more convincing argument as...