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25 Jun , 2018

Shopping for Smartphone Cases & What Matters Most: Form, Fit, or Function

You've likely invested hundreds, if not more, to have the best smartphone at your fingertips, but what happens when it slips and falls? Or perhaps worse, when your toddler gets their little paws on it and takes it for a swim? 

If leering disaster is not reason enough, dressing your tech in style may be a more convincing argument as you know that your phone is an extension of you (because you likely have it with you everywhere you go), so it should look just as good as you do. 

OK, so we know you need a case for your smartphone, but how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Perhaps a good place to start is to ask yourself a few basic questions... 

- Do I care about form, fit, or function? 
- Does my phone live in my palm or in my purse? 
- Am I serious about this minimalism movement, and am ready to merge wallet and phone? 
Let’s explore these in more detail and look at some specific smartphone cases that can meet your needs. 

For many, sleekness matters. Smartphones are so beautifully designed and are increasingly becoming slimmer and light as technology advances, so it’s tempting to not dress your tech in a case at all to enjoy the convenience and beauty of the device itself. But there are options, even for you... 

UltraSlim Leather Sleeve Case for iPhone X

Consider a case with a slim profile like the Heritage UltraSlim Leather Sleeve with microseude lining to protect your phone while maintaining a minimalistic look. 

Speaking of form, if your iPhone is in the form of a Samsung (we know, not everyone is an #applefan), consider a curve-hugging leather case like this LeatherSkin Snap On Case for the new S9. 

Fit Isa Universal Zip Around Leather Case for iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6

Are you first in line for every iPhone release and need a case that can keep up with your frequent phone upgrades?  Consider a universal case that can fit more than one specific device, like our Isa Universal Zip Around Leather Case, which not only fits your phone, but also a handful of credit cards and case. 

Here's where you'll want to evaluate how clumsy you are, or your lifestyle in general. If you know that a fall from your hands is inevitable, look for a case that is built to withstand impact.  

Bence Lugano Wallet Leather Case for iPhone X

The Bence Lugano Wallet Leather Case was designed with the highest-rated Drop Safe technology which features a shock absorbent core to withstand even the most terrifying tumbles. 

Which leads us to another consideration of function… multi-purpose phone case and wallet.  

Wallet-style phone cases are a popular choice for aspiring minimalists and anyone looking to lighten their load. 

WalletSkin Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X

The WalletSkin Leather Wallet Case is an appropriate match for anyone wanting a little extra security for their valuables (see magnetic closure) while maintaining a stylish look. 

Another great option for style-seeking smartphone users who wish to achieve both security and utility is a folio-style case. These are great for overall protection, say, if you’re likely to throw your phone in a purse or backpack when not in use.  

Bence Wallet Book Leather Case for iPhone X

The Bence Wallet Book Leather Case functions not only as a stylish form of security, but is also great as a stand for viewing and using your smartphone in landscape mode.  

If you're price-conscious, you'll likely find yourself on Amazon or eBay, if for no other reason than just to read reviews. We get it. 

But if you care about customer service and knowing that you have the security of a product warranty, you may want to shop directly from your favorite brand. offers a product warranty and customer service that genuinely care about your satisfaction with our products.  

So now you’re equipped with the top considerations for selecting a stylish yet functional case to meet your everyday needs. Ready to buy? Shop best selling leather smartphone cases and accessories on or reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook if you have questions about choosing the right case for you. 

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