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Sep 26, 2018

iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3 Tips for Efficiency

Apple is a world-renowned technological innovator that provides us with cutting-edge technology.  They continually bring us new technology features with each iOS update.

Below are a few iOS tips and tricks to keep you up to speed on using your iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3.  

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Woman Holding iPhone X by YuraFresh Via Unsplash

Siri Translation

This iPhone feature comes in handy when traveling or communicating with international colleagues. The great thing about this feature is the endless possibilities.

This new iOS feature is simple to activate:

  • Say “Hey Siri”
  • Say a phrase and tell Siri which language you would like it translated to.

Siri will then translate the statement in text and recite it verbally on your iPhone.

Screen Record

Recording your screen while you use it is now an option. This iOS feature is great for recording a step-by-step guide.

Tset up Screen Recording, tap the following: 

  • Settings >
  • Control Center > 
  • Customize Controls >
  • Push the green + next to screen recording.  Now screen recording is added to your Control Center.  
To start recording your screen:
  • Swipe up to reveal the Control Center >
  • Tap the record button >
  • Stop your recording by opening your Control Center >
  • Push the record button again to stop the screen record, which will automatically save to your camera roll.
Now that you know how record your iPhone screen, go ahead and make use of this cool iOS trick.

Invert Colors (Dark Mode)

Dark Mode on iPhone by Tracy Le Blanc via Pexels

If you find that darker colors are more soothing for your eyes, this new iOS color invert option is perfect for you! This iPhone feature reverses the colors of the display to a darker style that’s easier on the eyes.

To turn on dark mode, go to: 

  • Settings > 
  • Accessibility >
  • Display Accommodations >
  • Invert Colors >
  • Smart Invert

Single-Handed Typing Mode

If you are like the many iPhone users who enjoy having a large phone screen but miss typing with one hand, you’re in luck! Apple has the perfect solution: single-handed typing mode. iPhone Plus or iPhone X users have the option to shift the keyboard to the left or right side.  

  • Open up your keyboard >
  • Press and hold on the globe (bottom left) >
  • Tap the keyboard icon to switch it to the left, right or center.

    Do Not Disturb

    One of the newest iOS iPhone tricks is helpful while you’re driving: "Do Not Disturb” mode turns off iPhone notifications when it senses that you’re in the car.  Most alerts will be silenced when “Do Not Disturb” mode is turned on 

     To set up “Do Not Disturb” mode, press 

    • Settings >
    • Control Center >
    • Customize Controls >
    • Tap on the + next to Do Not Disturb while driving.

    Now that you set that up, swipe up to pull up the Control Center.  Tap the car icon to turn it on/off.  Now you’re ready to drive distraction free!

    Most iPhone users also have an Apple Watch paired with an iPhone. Make a sophisticated statement by pairing your SENA iPhone case with an Apple Watch Series 3 band. Below are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Apple Watch.


    Apple Watch Series 3 Tips and Tricks

    Apple Watch Series 3 by Pixabay user Fancycrave1

    Clear Notifications

    We all live busy lives, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to receive alerts on your Apple Watch every few minutes.

    To clear your notifications: 

    • Press on the digital crown until you wake your watch face > 
    • Swipe from the top down > 
    • Force Press on the screen > 
    • Tap on the “X” button to clear all notifications.

      Elevated Heart Rate Notifications

      The Apple Watch Series 3 tracks your heart rate while wearing it and allows you to set notifications when it detects an abnormal heart rate.

      Everyone is different, so chat with your doctor about what is considered elevated for you.  

      Setting up is simple: 

      • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone > 
      • Watch Tab > Heart Rate > 
      • Elevated Heart Rate >
      • Choose the BPM (beats per minute) to receive a notification when your Apple Watch detects an elevated heart rate.

      This is another great way to stay attune to your body and improve your overall health.


      Activate Water Lock

      Want to go for a swim? The Apple Watch Series 3 is water resistant up to 50 meters (164 feet). Be sure to turn on the water lock feature before swimming. There are two ways to activate the water lock feature:  

      1) Select “Pool Swim” from the workout options > Push “Start”  

      Before your workout, the water lock automatically turns on.

      2) Control Panel >

      Use the digital crown to scroll down to the bottom >

      Tap on the water drop icon.


      Rotating Images on Watch Face

      Why have one watch face have up to 10 pictures?

      To set this on your iPhone:  

      • Tap on the watch icon > 
      • Tap on the watch face image under my faces  
      • Custom >  
      • Add Photos > 
      • Select up to 10 images > 
      • Tap “Done” > 
      • Tap “Set as current watch face”  

      Now you have a rotating selection of personal pics as your watch face.


      Apple Pay 

      Having Apple Pay on your Apple Watch Series 3 is a convenient way to make a purchase.

      To buy an item using Apple Pay:

      • Double tap on the button under the digital crown to make your card appear > 
      • Hold your Apple Watch near the reader to pay.


      Try out these IOS Tips and Tricks on your iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3 to simplify your life and pass this knowledge on to a friend!

      Featured image by StockSnap via Pixabay 

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