08 Jul , 2019

It’s not where you’re going — it’s how you get there. If you’re planning on hitting the road, packing the right travel tech essentials naturally enhances your journey. Your tech gear can also be quite useful when you arrive at your destination. Whether you’re jet-setting across the globe or spending the weekend at a local B&B, how you pack will greatly affect how much you enjoy your trip. 

1. A Carry-On Bag

Man walking with a leather bag

Flying or taking a road trip? You should always have a bag that stays on your person at all times. A mid-sized shoulder bag is the pinnacle of travel tech essentials. It’s the ultimate travel companion — it goes where you go. It holds everything so you can enjoy traveling unencumbered by  Unnecessary baggage. Remember, comfort is key!

Rather than filling your pockets to the brim before you start roaming, fill a bag with must-have supplies that way you’ll be prepared for anything. Your bag can hold your wallet, keys, laptop/tablet, a phone charger/power bank, and even a change of clothes. You’re also going to be happy you have a bag on you if you decide to pick up any souvenirs. 

Another travel essential for people on business trips is the Sena Cases Commuter Bag. With plenty of room to store all your electronic devices, you can even put in an extra shirt you can change into.  

As you select travel tech essentials, it’s important that you consider the context of your travels. Are you touring museums in Europe? A sophisticated leather shoulder bag would be perfect. Are you hitting the nightlife in Vegas? A smaller bag with a crossbody strap will keep your possessions safe and secure even while you dance under the neon lights. Plan for your setting and enjoy your trip with a genuine leather case only form Sena Cases.

2. Mobile Device Protection

Woman with a iPhone and iPhone case at a train station

It’s no secret that people rely on their smartphones heavily these days. That fact is especially true for travelers. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t name their phone as the absolute most critical of all travel tech essentials.

Your mobile device puts the world at your fingertips. Reserve a table? Done. Rent a vehicle? No problem. Get directions? You’re covered. 

Now, imagine you just showed up to your hotel, and you accidentally dropped your phone on the lobby’s marble floor, shattering the screen. Suddenly your trip just got a lot more complicated. If you’re lucky, you’re traveling somewhere where you can find a replacement. Even in that best-case scenario, you’re still cutting into your travel budget.

On the same page, one of the most often overlooked travel tech essentials is a high-quality smartphone case. A premium leather iPhone case will safeguard your device from those accidental drops and dings, ensuring that your trip goes off without a hitch. 

In addition to a quality leather case, you should also equip your mobile device with a deluxe screen protector for added protection (and peace of mind). Besides preventing your screen from breaking and getting scratched, your smartphone lasts longer and retains its value. 

On a similar note, if you’re doing some serious traveling, it’s wise to invest in a pre-paid backup phone. After all, even an indestructible phone can still be misplaced. As you pack your travel tech essentials, be sure to also think about which items should have a spare or two.

3. Protect Your Watch

If you want to travel with a nice watch (or a spare),. It is prudent to travel with protection. After all, you don’t want to stuff your Rolex or Apple Watch in a sock and hope for the best. Sena Cases carries products that safeguard your watch for travel. Watch rolls have individual pockets that let you tuck each component and roll it up in a compact, luggage-friendly bundle. 

Yes, you could transport your watch on your wrist, but that’s not always smart or practical, especially if it’s a valuable timepiece. Maybe you’re bringing a nice watch for an important meeting or maybe you just like to have options. Whatever your motivation, a watch roll is one of the most frequently forgotten travel tech essentials.

Leather Apple Watch Case | Sena Cases


4. A Better Wallet

Man sitting with a wallet, cellphone, and iPad on a table

Is your wallet travel-ready? Your everyday wallet may be fine for trips to the grocery store but can you really depend on it in a foreign country (or even another state)?

These days, many travelers are choosing to carry wallet books, rather than traditional wallets. These all-in-one wallets carry your cash, cards, and documents, as well as your mobile device. That way you always have all of your essentials right there, all in one place. 

If you’re a minimalist, or if you’re looking to be more organized, a wallet bookcase is a solid addition to your travel tech essentials list. Just make sure you keep your wallet and phone on your person at all times. 

5. A Portfolio Tablet Case

A woman with an iPad at a train station

If you’re not traveling with a tablet, you should be. Tablets bridge the divide between smartphones and laptops. They’re both convenient and useful. Whether you’re keeping the kids distracted with a movie, booking the next leg of your journey, or catching up on some work on the plane, tablets are incredibly practical to have.

Of course, if you’re going to bring a tablet, whether it is an iPad or something else, you must have a protective case. For travel, we recommend a portfolio style case. These travel tech essentials are so incredibly handy and most people don’t realize what they’re missing. 

Besides just safeguarding your tablet from damage,  most of Sena’s iPad cases fold in a way that acts as a stand. Now you can enjoy using your tablet hands-free. This simple improvement is such a bonus when you’re on a plane, in a hotel, or anywhere else where you don’t want to be holding your tablet for a long period of time. 

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Looking for more ideas on how to travel in style? Our friendly product specialists will be happy to recommend the best products for your upcoming excursion. We sell travel tech essentials for people who live extraordinary lives on their own terms. Make your next life-changing trip memorable with Sena Cases.

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