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17 Dec , 2018

Samantha Stock, a Southern California artist and chef, describes her experience using the SENA Cases Vettra iPad Leather Case. Read what she has to say. 

The Vettra Leather iPad Case Protects Your iPad in the Kitchen and Beyond.

Vettra Leather iPade Case inthe Kitchenand Beyond

"Even with a library of cookbooks, it’s often convenient to use an iPad in the kitchen either as a digital cookbook or for entertainment.

If you’re a home chef like me, you’ve probably sharpened your skills (pun intended) by studying cookbooks or traditional family recipes. When I started using my Vettra iPad Pro in the kitchen, I was able to do so much more beyond creating delicious meals. I could create ingredient shopping lists, or if I wanted to use up an excess item that I had on hand, I could research a recipe on Pinterest in minutes. Much like anywhere outside the kitchen, using an iPad without a case isn’t the smartest idea.

Consider the SENA Cases Vettra iPad Leather Case: it protects your iPad, plus it offers a variety of viewing angles. Not to mention the deep red color is really attractive but classy at the same time.

I often keep my iPad near to my cutting board so I can follow along with my recipes or control which Pandora songs I listen to on my Bluetooth speaker. But if I’m working with raw meat - perhaps dividing a whole chicken into eight pieces, for example - I need to be able to watch a YouTube tutorial from further away. This Vettra genuine leather case allows me to prop up my iPad at a high angle, and once my hands and work surface are clean again, I can switch the view from horizontal to vertical and from high to shallow within seconds.

I now use my iPad regularly in the kitchen. And when I’m done, I can protect it within this premium leather case when toting it on my next trip - or just to the living room to post my latest culinary creation to Instagram!"

Sam From So Cal Blogger | SENA Cases


You can visit her website ( or follow her on Instagram @samfromsocal.

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