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30 Jul , 2018

iPhone Photography Tips for Better Pictures

You've probably seen the #shotoniphone billboards for a couple years now and thought, "Gosh, I want to take photos like that!" 

With the technology of the iPhone - particularly the iPhone X - it's really not that hard.

This could be you (standing next to a billboard with your photo on it)! 

Jordan Ison Photo in San Francisco
Let's jump into some ways to improve your pix... 

Keep it Simple 
One interesting subject is really all you need. You don't need to overcomplicate your composition by adding a lot of unnecessary details and distractions.  

Minimalism is here to stay, so say it with us: less is more! 

Black and White Minimal Shot of Dog by Instagram User Db.cooper_

Try New & Interesting Angles 
You might have to get your knees dirty for this one, but try sitting on the ground or lying on your back for a different perspective. This is particularly useful if you are shooting a location that thousands of cameras have seen before, try climbing a tree, crawling under a bench – shoot from an angle that makes folks wonder, "how'd they do that?" 

Shot looking up by Instagram User Prlilly

Add a Human Element 
If for no other reason, adding a human touch in a beautiful landscape or architectural shot can help people relate to a space and allow them to put themselves in that moment as well. A hand or reflection in the water can help bring a still photo to life and really tell a story. 

Adding a human element to your photo not only helps add scale, but it can also remind us just how small we are compared to a grand landscape. 

Shot of Lake Louise By Instagram User The.Ramukaka

Attention to Detail 
Nature often offers some of the most mesmerizing and brilliant patterns. Explore getting up close and personal with some of the elements that interest you.  See if you can find some amazing colors and arrangements that dazzle the eye. 

You may find some limitations with your iPhone for some of the really close-up shots you want to capture in which case, you may explore an add-on macro lens for iPhone 

Macro Shot of a Frond From the Catcus

Light It Up with Silhouettes 
Keeping in mind the simplicity of our first tip, a silhouette can tell a beautiful story without the fuss of details. Shapes and colors will draw in a viewer in a moment.  

Consider finding your golden hour, where the hot orange and yellow of the sky can really light up your photo. 

Shot of Sunset From Inside an Airplane By Instagram User Mohitvaru

Dramatic Shadows & Reflections 
Speaking of #goldenhour, this is also a great time to capture long, dramatic shadows that capture the drama of a moment and create a sense of mystery.  

The reflection of your subject can be just as intriguing when you catch it in a moment mid-air, mid-twirl, or even just mid-thought. 

Reflection Image Shot on iPhone by Instagram User

Technical Tips for Using the iPhone Camera 
1) Consider using the rule of thirds with your iPhone camera's grid setting turned on for precision composition. 
2) Understand your depth of field and get your focus just right using the "tap to focus" feature of the iPhone as well as these other focus tips for the iPhone camera 
3) Hold down the shutter release button for burst mode to capture a moving object with your iPhone camera. You can later choose the exact right picture from a series of burst images that are saved as a single image in your phone. 

Protect Your iPhone on Your Photographic Adventures 
While you're out and about seeking that perfect shot you need to protect your best asset with the best case for iPhone. The SENA Cases collection for iPhone will ensure you keep your iPhone, and your pictures safe! 

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