iPhone 11 Cases

Maximum smartphone protection and sleek case design go hand in hand here at SENA Cases. Through an unmatched level of detailed development, our iPhone 11 leather cases achieve both durability and enhanced aesthetic to stand out from any other on the market. If your intention is to upgrade the visuals, texture, and defenses of your smartphone, SENA Cases has you covered to a tee.

SENA iPhone 11 cases are fashioned so your smartphone can be holstered to your belt, snapped on as a wallet case, or slipped into a thin sleeve for easy access. Browse the SENA Cases collection to find unique case styles that fit your everyday needs. Our different types are:

  • Magnetic Leather Holster
  • Ultraslim Case
  • Leatherskin Case
  • Wallet Book Case
  • Ultraslim Wallet Case
  • Lugano Wallet Case
  • Snap On Wallet Case

Made with You in Mind

Our iPhone 11 cases are compatible with wireless charging devices, so you never have to struggle with constantly removing your case to charge. You won’t lose the uniqueness of your iPhone with SENA Cases, either. Our cases hug the iPhone perfectly around every groove, leaving enough room for the camera lens and access to additional functions.

For added personalization, have your initials debossed into your case with silver or gold foil. No need to be worried about advanced leather-care as well. Our cases are easy to maintain, as most marks can be simply removed with a dry neutral colored cloth. Leather conditioners may be carefully used to keep the leather soft, or you can let the leather age gracefully through daily use.

Unique Case Features

Our Leatherskin and Snap On Wallet Cases are specially designed with SENA Cases DuroFlex frame for drop protection. The Snap On Wallet iPhone 11 cases also have raised beveled edges to protect your phone’s screen, while our Wallet Book and Lugano Cases are made with shock absorbent material to keep your phone safe. Each wallet case provides a snug hold on your important IDs or credit cards as well. Any style you select will provide the utmost protection possible.

No matter which iPhone 11 leather case you decide on, your devices are stepping in the direction of style and safety with SENA Cases.