iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Cases by SENA

When you purchase a case for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, your top requirements should be protection, appearance, and functionality. At SENA Cases, we make sure our iPhone 12 Pro Max cases check all of those boxes. These cases pair the protection you need with beautiful design, while still ensuring you are able to use your phone to its fullest without removing the case.

Stunning and Sophisticated Design

Your phone case should be just as attractive as your iPhone 12 Pro Max while also offering maximum protection. At SENA Cases, durability and aesthetics go hand-in-hand. When you purchase one of our iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, you’re getting something that enhances the beauty of your phone.

Made With Premium Materials

At SENA Cases, we pride ourselves on leather craftsmanship. Our processes come from half a century’s worth of research and practices originating from the leather artisans of Istanbul, Turkey. These iPhone 12 Pro Max phone cases are made from high-quality leather that protects your phone from accidental drops and scratches that can come from everyday use.

Designed for Your Device

When it comes to iPhone cases, one size does not fit all. Different models of the iPhone 12 Pro Max vary in size, and it is important to make sure your iPhone 12 Pro Max case fits like a glove. A case that is too large puts your device at risk of falling out, while a case that is too small will be of no use if it can’t fit on your device. That’s why our cases are designed to fit your specific model of the iPhone 12 Pro Max so you can shop with confidence that your case will fit properly.