Screen Protectors

When it comes to outfitting your phone, SENA Cases offers stylish, high-quality leather cases for your device and an iPhone screen protector to match. Also explore our screen protector and phone case bundles.

Compliment Your Leather Case

Compliment your case with an exceptional grip and extra features to help keep your iPhone safe. Scratches and dents are still possible but a SENA Cases deluxe iPhone screen protector gives you extra peace of mind for added protection.

Protect Your Device

The latest smartphones are more durable - but without the right protective gear, screens will still crack or dent after a rough fall. Our iPhone screen protector helps add an extra layer of protection.

  • All screen protectors are designed to be scratch-resistant
  • Tempered glass is rated at 9H hardness for durability
  • Crystal-clear transparency means you don’t compromise image quality
  • A high-quality screen protector is designed to prevent smudges and streaks

Add Extra Protection Today

SENA Cases are best paired with an added layer of protection. Love our style? Discover our luxury best sellers and explore our premium selection of genuine leather cases.