SENA iPad Model Search Page

Buying the right case for your iPad is critical to ensuring your device is properly protected. Since each iPad series has slightly different dimensions, you don’t want to try forcing an iPad Pro into an iPad mini case. If you don’t know what iPad model you have, SENA Cases can help you figure out what it is and which iPad case you need.

Step One

The information you need to learn more about your iPad is etched onto the back cover. The model number — beginning with an “A” and followed by four letters — is easily found there.

Step Two

Once you find the number, you can browse iPad case size differences and generations in the chart below. We’ve grouped the iPad names, model numbers, and case types together to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Screen Size: 9.7 in.

Device Name

Model Numbers

iPad 2020 (8th generation) A2270, A2428, A2429, A2430
iPad 2019 (7th generation) A2197, A2200, A2198

iPad 2018 (6th generation)

A1893, A1954

iPad 2017 (5th generation)

A1823, A1822

iPad (4th generation)

A1460, A1459, A1458

iPad (3rd generation)

A1430, A1416, A1403

iPad 2

A1397, A1396, A1395


A1337, A1219


iPad Pro

Screen Size: 9.7 in., 10.5 in., or 12.9 in.

Device Name

Model Numbers

9.7-inch iPad Pro (2016)

A1675, A1674, A1673

10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)

A1701, A1709

12.9-inch iPad Pro -1st Gen (2015)

A1652, A1584

12.9-inch iPad Pro - 2nd Gen (2017)

A1670, A1671

12.9-inch iPad Pro  - 3rd Gen (2018) A1876, A2014, A1895, A1983
12.9-inch iPad Pro  -  4th Gen (2020) A2229, A2069, A2232, A2233


iPad Air

Screen Size: 9.7 in.

Device Name

Model Numbers

iPad Air 3 (2019) A2152, A2123, A2153, A2154 

iPad Air 2 (2014)

A1567, A1566

iPad Air (2013/2014)

A1475, A1474


iPad mini

Screen Size: 7.9 in.

Device Name

Model Numbers

iPad mini 5 (2019) A2133, A2124, A2126, A2125

iPad mini 4 (2015)

A1555, A1538

iPad mini 3 (2014)

A1600, A1599

iPad mini 2 (2013/2014)

A1491, A1490, A1489

iPad mini (2012)

A1455, A1454, A1432

Is your number not on this list? Still wondering “What is my iPad model?” Reach out to our team today for assistance.