How Does It Work?

All of our removable belt clips have an integrated spring-loaded release button. When pressed, this button will allow your case to be released from the belt clip.

Please note: on the ultra belt clip versions, the case must be positioned perpendicular to the belt clip in order for it to be released from the belt clip. This is not required for the removable belt clip tab (with ballistic ratcheting belt clip) or removable ratcheting metal belt clip system (selected cases).

Please know that the ratcheting belt clip on all Elega cases is integrated and not removable, although it does ratchet 360 degrees.

The unique design of the removable belt clip system offers an option to use your case with or without the belt clip. It also provides both free-motion and ratcheting settings.

Installation Instructions for the Ratcheting Belt Clip:

  1. First locate the plastic bag, which includes the round metal peg, screw and hex key.
  2. Locate the rectangular base plate on the back of your case.
  3. Line up the recessed rectangular area of the peg to fit over the rectangular protruding area of the mounting base plate. Ratcheting teeth should face away from the case.
  4. Insert the screw into the peg and securely tighten the screw through the peg onto the mounting base plate using your hex key.
  5. Slide the peg (with case) into the black belt clip. Click it in once for a free-moving rotation setting. Click it in twice for a ratcheting rotation setting.

To remove the peg from the belt clip, push the tab on top of the black clip for easy release with one hand. You can remove the peg by unscrewing it with the hex key.

Important: Please make sure you torque or further tighten the screw during the break-in period (3 to 7 days after installation). Failure to do so may result in the screw becoming loose and your device falling to the ground. Periodically check to be sure that the screw is tight throughout the lifespan of the belt clip.